flesh and blood americans…

Flesh and blood Americans living on the land of the American
States are owed Common Law Courts under The Constitution
for the united States of America, Article VII. Only Common Law
is competent to decide issues involving living people and their
private property.
But, in 1938, the “United States Supreme Court” which is
“supreme” only over the federal corporation, not the People–decided
Thompkins v. Erie Railroad, and admitted that, “there is no General
Federal Common Law…
Our Common Law Courts today exist only on paper, purposefully left
unfunded and without paid staff. The American People have not had
access to the courts and law forms they are owed for decades. Our
“State Courthouses”
are filled with foreign courts operating
exclusively in international jurisdictions.
We’ve been kidnapped into these foreign jurisdictions and subjected
to statutory law-which, as the name implies, is law for entities
created by statutes. Like Testamentary Trusts: JOHN QUINCY ADAMS.

In other words, all the courts are #$%@. They only serve the cabal corporation. They use STATUTORY LAW because we have been considered FRANCHISES. Living men are supposed to have COMMON LAW courts. Bottom line.. it all has to GO!


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